Olympic Medalists & World Champion Gregory Baugé in Paris, France: Invite people to discover the charm of City Vanture

VANPOWERS BIKE joins hands with Olympic World Champion

Professional electric bicycle brand VANPOWERS BIKE released their new model this summer, City Vanture, the world’s first road e-bike with an assembled frame.

The assembled frame solves the problems of large frame alignment tolerance and fragility of the traditional brazing one-piece frame on the market.

A few weeks after City Vanture’s release, renowned Olympic medalist and cycling world champion Gregory Baugé was in Paris, France, to experience the extraordinary ride of City Vanture. “One of my favorite memories is touring Paris on City Vanture. A very quiet, well-balanced ebike, I could spend hours riding it around the city of light,” says Gregory BaugéBasma El Ghouate, a well-known stylist and former cyclist, also discovered the magic of assembled frames with him.

In September, City Vanture officially launched the pre-sale. People will enjoy exclusive limited-time discounts up to $850 off on City Vanture during the pre-sale. After receiving the City Vanture purchased during the presale, post content about the riding experience on social media, follow and tag VANPOWERS BIKE’s official account (FacebookTwitterInstagramYoutube), and people can receive a bonus offer carefully prepared by VANPOWERS BIKE.

People can choose between self-assembled and pre-assembled according to their preferences at the time of purchase.

This urban e-bike is the first of its kind seen by the industry, departing from traditional brazed frame construction processes, and instead adopts a highly symmetrical tenon-and-mortise structure with <1 mm of frame alignment tolerance. The City Vanture offers good steering and a smooth cycling experience with a nearly racing-level frame alignment tolerance. The frame construction manages to be durable and light at the same time, weighing in at 15.5 kg, or 35 lbs. The aluminum alloy frame is ultra-lightweight for reduced drag.

As a modern e-bike, the City Vanture also sports a rechargeable battery that is hidden in the downtube to maintain its sleek aesthetic, offering an option to install an additional battery to extend its total range. To complement this feature, it also incorporates a smart dual-battery system that can detect when the main battery is at low power and automatically begin drawing power from the second battery, avoiding the tedious process of stopping and switching sources. This further maintains its capability to provide riders with a smooth journey from start to finish.

VANPOWERS BIKE’s commitment to rider preferences is evident in their approach to this model, and the company is looking to the future, aiming to continue developing green alternatives to mainstream transportation.

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Header image: Olympic Medallists and World Champion Gregory Baugé in Paris, France: Invite people to discover the charm of City Vanture.

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