Wahoo KICKR X Zwift membership bundle released

Wahoo KICKR X Zwift membership bundle released

Wahoo Fitness, the leading endurance athlete fitness technology company, has unveiled a revolutionary range of KICKR x Zwift membership bundles – enabling a new ready to ride experience straight out of the box.

This marks the next exciting phase in the renewed partnership between Wahoo and Zwift, aiming to increase accessibility of indoor cycling, plus offer a seamless and simplified user experience. 

The new bundled pricing, which includes one year of Zwift, will be available across the entire KICKR range (KICKR SNAP, KICKR ROLLR, KICKR CORE, KICKR, KICKR MOVE, KICKR BIKE SHIFT and KICKR BIKE), providing an unparalleled indoor riding experience and range of product functionality and pricing. Customers will have everything they need, hardware and virtual riding software – to get their ride started right away. 

Wahoo has also introduced a brand-new, easy onboarding process through the Wahoo app, making the setup of the indoor riding experience much easier and quicker for customers. Also ALL rides on Zwift will also now be shared with the Wahoo App, so customers complete workout history will now be visible – if they rode on Zwift, SYSTM or outdoors using an ELMENT GPS computer.

Now at a new lower price – the entry level KICKR CORE bundle will now come WITH a choice of preinstalled 8/9/10/11/12  speed cassette at UK£549.99/ US$599.99/ CA$ 939.99/ EU€599.99*. The KICKR SNAP will be available at UK£349.99/ US$399.99/  CA$739.99/ EU€399.99*. Both offer exceptional value and are available directly through Wahoofitness.com and Zwift.com

These deals will join the following, which are all sold with 1 year of Zwift:

  • KICKR BIKE at UK£3,599.99/ US$4,099.99/ CA$5,439.99 / EU€4,099.99    
  • KICKR BIKE SHIFT at UK£2,799.99/ US$3,099.99/ CA$4,339.99 / EU€3,099.99
  • KICKR MOVE at UK£1,499.99/ US$1,699.99/ CA$2,289.99 /EU€1,699.99
  • KICKR at UK£1,199.99/ US$1,399.99/ CA$2,019.99 / EU€1,399.99
  • KICKR ROLLR at UK£649.99/ US$699.99/ CA$939.99 / EU€699.99

Via Wahoo Retailers globally, the KICKR CORE (without cassette) will be available  at UK £449.99/ US $499.99/ CA$599.99 / EU €499.99. Also at retail customers will get the same great hardware pricing across the KICKR range (KICKR SNAP, KICKR ROLLR, KICKR CORE, KICKR, KICKR MOVE, KICKR BIKE SHIFT and KICKR BIKE), coupled with World Class Wahoo retailer support and advice – plus the opportunity to take advantage of the same great discounted Zwift annual membership upon registration of their product (US$99.99/ UK£99.99/ EU€99.99).

Chip Hawkins, Founder of Wahoo, said: “Wahoo’s new bundles will revolutionise the indoor cycling experience. Our goal is to provide customers with unprecedented options, affordability, and an easy, enjoyable onboarding process. Together with Zwift, we are thrilled to be able to offer the broadest range of choice and functionality in the indoor cycling category, helping to build the better athlete in all of us.”

Additional availability inAustralia and Japan will be added very soon

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