Wahoo launches the new KICKR MOVE and KICKR BIKE SHIFT

Wahoo launches the new KICKR MOVE and KICKR BIKE SHIFT 

Wahoo Fitness, the leading endurance athlete fitness technology company, has announced the introduction of two brand new additions to their training ecosystem and with them, a completely new innovative, indoor riding experience.

In September 2022,the market-leading KICKR smart trainer took another big step ahead of the competition – with the introduction of Wi-Fi, still the only trainer on the market to have done so. Now just one year later, Wahoo has taken another giant leap ahead of the market, with the release of the KICKR MOVE – delivering the closest real world, smart trainer ride-feel. This all new premium addition to the Wahoo range, has the addition of 8 inches of fore aft movement added to the trainer body. This delivers an entirely new dimension of ride-feel, this built-in dual-axis movement creates a sensation remarkably similar to that of cycling outdoors. The result is a more engaging, more comfortable and more realistic riding experience than ever before. The KICKR MOVE gives athletes the comfort, motivation and enjoyment to get the most out of their indoor rides and workouts.

The KICKR MOVE sits on wheels that are within a fixed, curved track. As the rider increases or decreases power output, or gets in or out of the saddle, or simply readjusts their riding position – the trainer moves forwards and backwards with them. The track is curved to allow gravity to control the amount of movement. Small adjustments in the saddle will result in little movement, whereas getting out of the saddle for a sprint will create much more movement. The KICKR MOVE also features a lockout switch to disengage the movement, making it easier to mount bikes, move the trainer around, as well as tailoring to rider preference.

In tandem with the KICKR MOVE launch, Wahoo has created an easy to use hardware add-on to make it compatible with existing models of their innovative KICKR CLIMB. Fitted to the base of the KICKR CLIMB, the KICKR CLIMB Base Adaptor follows the exact same arc as the KICKR MOVE, so the pair move together in perfect unison. When combined with Wahoo’s KICKR HEADWIND, they create next-level realism and an unparalleled indoor riding experience.

As part of this joint launch, Wahoo is also releasing a brand new indoor smart bike; the KICKR BIKE SHIFT. Looking to create an indoor smart bike with a lower price point, KICKR BIKE SHIFT offers the unmatched ride feel of KICKR BIKE and retains key features such as Reality Shift, True Fit, Real Ride Feel and, of course, Wi-FI. Wahoo has helped open up the smart bike category to even more people by refining features, including the introduction of a new brake and belt drivetrain system to deliver lightning fast resistance response to grade and power changes – plus an even quieter ride than ever before. The KICKR BIKE SHIFT will be offered to users alongside Wahoo’s current industry-leading, globally acclaimed KICKR BIKE for a better and best option.

Chip Hawkins, Founder of Wahoo, said: “Wahoo was founded on the principle of building the better athletes in all of us. With innovation at the heart of everything we do, we couldn’t be prouder to once again be pushing indoor cycling ahead to a new reality”.

To make the transition from delivery to riding as quick and easy as possible, Wahoo is introducing a brand new unboxing experience, which will be rolled out across their indoor training range. An easy slide mechanism has been included in the KICKR MOVE box, saving users from needing to lift a heavy trainer out of the packaging. Packaging is also more sustainable with a 90% reduction in non-recyclable foam. Then a QR code will take riders to a quick and easy digital guide, delivered through videos. For the KICKR BIKE and KICKR BIKE SHIFT this will be a detailed set up and fit video, to help dial in the smart bike’s dimensions. For the KICKR CORE, KICKR and KICKR MOVE there will be a customised set up experience based on the users unique bike specifications, with all the required tools, accessories and spacers outlined.  

Pricing, offers and additional info

  • KICKR MOVE: US $1,599.99, Europe €1,599.99 and UK £1,399.99
  • KICKR BIKE SHIFT: US$2,999.99, Europe €2,999.99 and UK £2,699.99

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