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Wingdream Chrono Helmet by Rudy Project official debut

It’s debut time for the new time trial helmet from Rudy Project Wingdream. Today (May 10), at the Giro d’Italia, during the race against the clock of the seventh stage from Foligno to Perugia, the helmet will be showcased in its final version for the first time, adorned with the colours of Team Bahrain Victorious.

Rudy Project, in fact, has been a continuous partner of the team since its debut in the World Tour circuit in 2016: the close collaboration has fostered the development of next generation cycling glasses and helmets over time. The Wingdream represents the latest frontier in this partnership.


The result of two years of development and numerous indoor and outdoor tests, the Wingdream takes the studies of aerodynamics applied to cycling helmets to a new level compared to previous catalog models, improving the management of turbulence at the athlete’s back, as well as its air penetration coefficient. The helmet’s special shape directs the airflow towards the athlete’s shoulders, enhancing aerodynamics.

From internal tests conducted in a wind tunnel by Rudy Project, the new helmet allows an energy saving of almost 10 watts compared to Wing, the previous time trial model from the Italian company; this translates to about four seconds saved every 10 kilometers, equivalent to more than a minute, for example, over an Ironman distance (180 km). When compared to a traditional road model, the new Wingdream allows a gain of 306 seconds over an Ironman distance (180 km), assuming a constant power of 200W.


The significant study on aerodynamics certainly has not overshadowed the safety features, which remain the primary concern for Rudy Project’s Research & Development department. Like its predecessors, this new helmet has also been certified by third-party international bodies, proving safe in every aspect, from impact tests to rotational tests.

Furthermore, UCI approval allows its use in all professional and amateur cycling events. In fact, the helmet debuted already in February this year with a preliminary version, camouflaged with a wrap, worn by Team Bahrain Victorious athletes during time trials at the Tirreno-Adriatico, Paris-Nice, and the Tour de Romandie.


Simone Barbazza, Marketing Director of Rudy Project: “Presenting Wingdream, I feel a deep sense of pride for what we have achieved with this revolutionary helmet. It is not only a step forward in aerodynamic studies, but also a testament to Rudy Project’s dedication to achieving excellence. Every detail of Wingdream has been meticulously crafted, reflecting our relentless pursuit to combine safety, comfort, and performance. Besides marking significant progress in competitive cycling gear, this helmet embodies our philosophy that performance starts on your head.”

Norberto Fava, Head of Helmet Production and Industrialization at Rudy Project: “Helmet development is a world akin to Formula One: it requires engineering creativity, 3D studies, prototypes, wind tunnel tests, and athlete testing. There is a lot of research behind a product like this, which is subjected to continuous checks by the UCI and certification bodies. And, of course, there are significant financial investments. Many models available on the market today do not feature vents. Both Wing and Wingdream, on the other hand, have central vents to ventilate the cranial vault area. Our challenge was precisely to create a helmet that allowed good aerodynamic savings, while also being comfortable. Head temperature management is crucial: cyclists push at speeds exceeding 45 km/h for 40 minutes during a time trial, triathletes even longer. The benefits of aerodynamic penetration are quickly nullified if head overheats.”

Martin Toft Madsen, Aero & Material Consultant for Team Bahrain Victorious: “With the Wingdream helmet, we’ve truly focused on increasing aerodynamic efficiency. Together with Rudy Project, we’ve expanded its structure to allow the airflow to move more smoothly from the head to the shoulders and back of the athlete. The rear has been slightly widened for an overall more aerodynamic shape and better airflow control. Aware that the head position varies, we’ve optimized the design for the most common posture, still ensuring high performance even in less frequent conditions, such as strong crosswinds. The Wingdream incorporates everything that, with Rudy Project, we’ve learned from professional athletes and time trialists, offering a product that can make a difference in races like the Ironman, with a potential saving of precious minutes.”

Antonio Tiberi, athlete from Team Bahrain Victorious: “I first tried it at this year’s Tirreno-Adriatico, and I must say I felt very good right away. You can feel that the Wingdream is a truly high-performance helmet. In addition, it is extremely comfortable, not at all bulky during the race, and offers perfect visibility while staying aero. It hasn’t given me any problems even in the position I usually take during time trials: I tend to keep my face very close to my hands, and the helmet doesn’t cause me any discomfort.”


The Wingdream helmet, designed for triathletes and cyclists engaged in time trial races, will be available to the public in 2 sizes and 2 colours from October 2024.

This new model joins the other helmets that Rudy Project provides to Team Bahrain Victorious: the Egos, model with an innovative internal structure designed to maximize ventilation and intended for hot days; the Nytron, a ventilated aerodynamic helmet capable of reducing head temperature; and the Nytron Pro, more focused on aerodynamic efficiency.

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