Jorvik Trike JMT11

Jorvik Dual Battery Electric Folding Mountain Trike JMT11 (250w) – what a blast!

I’ve been on the saddle of a few e-bikes, so I was intrigued to take a ride on the Jorvik JMT11 Mountain Trike.

Wow, and hold on to your hats, is all I have to say but I’ll save more of the details for later!

Now mountain trike you say? Well, Jorvik describe the JMT11 as: “Our trail-proven go-anywhere mountain trike, now with a folding frame and twice the electric range to take you further than ever before. Cruise through town with the wind in your hair and see places you never thought possible. Engineered to cruise up hills and conquer muddy trails, when the going gets rough, it just keeps going.”

And I’ve got to say it does what it says on the tin!

The JMT11 comes with a Bafang 250w brushless front motor which supplies plenty of power (which I’ll get to) and two Samsung Lithium ion 46V batteries (17.5Ah and 15Ah) which you can switch between when one runs out.

It has a Rear SAMAGAGA differential which helps in the cornering (again I’ll get to that later) and Shimano twist shift gears which provide a seamless way to go up and down through the gears.

The JMT11 also has Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, which when you’re getting used to riding it you will need!

It also boasts front and rear hard-wired lights, a rear brake light and the C961 LCD display is clear and easy to see and use.

Also, the JMT11, for extra peace of mind, has puncture-resistant tyres with reflective strips.

And if you’re heading out for a picnic or just nipping into town to the shops then there’s a rear cargo load area with a bag included.

Now for how it rides. I had a quick call with the owner and MD of the company, James Walker, before I hopped on and headed off into the sunset for my review rides.

He said: “It’s not like riding a bike. It takes a bit of getting used to do – so I would take it easy until you are comfortable with how it rides.”

Pah, yes, yes James of course. I could ride a tricycle when I was three (to be fair that was probably that last time I rode one!).

Now this is where it gets interesting. The pedal assist from the motor is a feisty one. It’s got great acceleration – off the shovel fast – and with great acceleration comes great responsibility. Because ‘it’s not like riding a bike’.

If you’ve spent the last couple of decades riding bikes then you are slightly fooled into thinking you’re still on one, you know pedalling and out in the open air.

Being able to sway, lean and move is instinctive when you’re on two wheels. However, on three it’s a different story.

It’s much more stable, which is one of the great selling points of the trikes for those who no longer feel that comfortable on a bike but still want to get outdoors.

You’ve got to think more like you’re driving a car and allow yourself more time, for example, if you’re overtaking a parked car. Here’s where the brakes came into their own as the boot was getting closer and closer and I wasn’t turning fast enough to get around it.

Should have listen to James!

But, once you get the hang of the ride and re-educate to your three-year-old self then it is a blast to ride.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, the battery life is excellent, the RST hydraulic front suspension gives a smooth ride and you feel like you can ride for miles.

Just don’t get cocky when you first jump on!




Power Delivery


Walk mode

Range (approx)

70 miles pedal assist

50 miles electric only

Charge time

5-6 hours

Max speed



Length when folded111cm
Floor to stepover height39cm
Width of back wheels82cm
Floor to seat at highest point115cm
Floor to seat at lowest point110cm
Floor to top of the headtube84cm
Bottom of forks to top of headtube (with wheel removed)62cm
Floor to handlebars at highest point110cm
Floor to handlebars at lowest point115cm
Seat post diameter28.6mm
Jorvik Dual Battery Electric Folding Mountain Trike JMT11 (250w)

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