Ledlenser – more than 20 years of expertise in lighting solutions

When the two brothers Harald and Rainer Opolka from Solingen started out, they really didn’t have much more than a garage, an old Atari computer, a set of tools, a drawing pad and around 1,000 Deutschmarks of seed capital. Today, the former garage company of both the Ledlenser founders is an internationally operating company and one of the global market leaders in portable lights.

The German Ledlenser brand conquered the torch market in the year 2000. The approach of equipping a torch with an LED instead of a bulb as a light source was absolutely visionary at that point in time. Millions of the “V8 Photon Pump” were sold worldwide and it constituted a new era of portable light – the “P7” achieved the same thing several years later.

To meet our objective as an LED pioneer, we are still using this technological advantage today in the development of new products – particularly in times during which LED lighting has become the norm in so many places and genuine quality is becoming harder and harder to recognize. At the same time, our premise “German Engineering & Design” has guided us from day one and justifies our unique commitment to quality. Ledlenser products give users worldwide the freedom of doing their jobs to the best of their ability or pursuing their passion with devotion – with the best possible light on their side..



We already have over 100 patents for our innovative ideas. And this is just the beginning. Your enthusiasm is what we value the most and guides us. From our products, quality, to our services, we are dedicated to delivering that “wow” factor to you.

We achieve this the best when we create an atmosphere in our company that brings us all forward – we are constantly challenging each other and supporting our employees in their development, enabling them to reach their full potential.


The sun and Ledlenser have something in common: We create light for the whole world! We are devoted to this task with all our energy and capability. The quality products made by Ledlenser prolong daylight and therefore, enable being active when dusk sets

in or even during total darkness. They bring light into the darkest corners and in doing so, enable precise and professional work at any time.



› A global market leader in portable lights. That includes: Torches, headlamps, work

lights, floodlights, lanterns, intrinsically safe (ATEX) protected lights

› “German Engineering & Design”: In-house development, production and quality assurance

› Inventor of the trendsetting and patented³ Advanced Focus System

› 7-year warranty⁴ for most products with online registration

› More than 100 industrial property rights as well as more than 200 awards and prizes for

our products

› More than 650 employees worldwide

› Company-owned offices in Germany, China, USA, Japan, Denmark, United Kingdom,

Italy and Switzerland

› Worldwide collaboration with more than 45 master distributors



To turn these flashes into light as reliably as possible, we’ve clearly divided up our tasks: Engineered in Germany, produced in China.

Our development department in Solingen is our “ideas laboratory” where we exchange ideas and lead passionate discussions. In addition to concentrated expertise, a good portion of “madness” also plays a role here. We look into what it is our users really need, and how we can meet those demands in an intelligent and new way. We then mould the answers into a unique, ergonomic design.


Our site in the Chinese city of Yangjiang, on the other hand, is where all our production skills come together. We firmly believe that experience in product quality is important and are constantly further developing our knowledge in that area. All of our products are manufactured and tested, from the prototype stage to mass production, in Yangjiang. To ensure that our products become real and proper tools which can withstand the toughest conditions, we first put them to the acid test. Our quality control checklist is a list with 24 items, which encompass nearly all types of possible stress. Endurance, extreme temperatures, water, salt, blows, pressure – it is all inspected and tested until our engineers are near to tears. But at the end of the day, our customers can look forward to functional and extremely reliable lights.



The revolutionary concept of the P-series and H-series.

For many years, people in need of the perfect torch for a multitude of applications have trusted our legendary P-series. If they needed to combine free hands with perfect illumination, they trusted our H-series.

This latest version of our most important product lines is far more than a revision: it is a revolution in lighting. With trendsetting new features and Technologies, significantly more power and the Core – Work – Signature concept, we are transporting our portfolio into the future and opening it up to many new user groups.

The lights in the Core line form the heart of the P-series and H-series. They follow the great legacy of the famous previous P- and H-series and in doing so, combine a proven and tested history with new technology. Core lights are ideally suitable for a wide range of applications for everyday or on-the-job use and are distinguished by an excellent price-performance ratio.

The Work line lights are specifically developed for routine applications in challenging work environments. Built on a Core line foundation with additional work-enhancing features, – e.g. increased protection against impact, drops and chemicals, optimized light with natural colour reproduction as well as a wide range of helpful accessories included.

Our Signature models represent the premium line of the P-series and H-series. These high-end lights combine all functions of the Core models with increased power and a larger range of features as well as a classy design, enhanced materials and a wide range of accessories included.

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