oraimo ebike trcker 100

Oraimo brings you the TRCKER 100 – a fast charging, durable electric bike

Oraimo, a leader in modern, smart e-bikes, has showcased the newest entry to their product roster: the TRCKER 100.

This game-changing electronic bike provides lengthy ride times, high-speed charging, and a massive load capacity. Composed of a lightweight, carbon steel, and large four-inch thick tires, the TRCKER 100 is designed to provide the most comfortable ride for the outdoor enthusiast.

he dual 499Wh large capacity Lithium batteries provide plenty of power for those long bike rides. The oraimo TRCKER 100 has a long-lasting endurance capability: 45 to 65 miles in full electric mode and 70 to 100 miles in pure pedal assist mode (PAS mode).

TRCKER 100’s come equipped with 750-watt high speed brushless motors, supplying strong mountain climbing performance. These motors are capable of pushing output performance to 1000-watts peak output power, giving riders extra juice for downtown areas, gravely roads and side streets, snowy suburbs, or sandy beaches.

To supplement the high-performance motors are batteries capable of fast charging for riders ready to start their journey right away. The 48-volt batteries charge quickly, going from 0 to 100% 3 hours with a 4-ampere charger, and are removable for convenient, easy charging.

With a durable frame and integrated shelf, the TRCKER 100 boasts a larger than life carrying capacity; twice that of similar models on the market currently. The frame is capable of supporting a total maximum load of 550 pounds, providing a robust e-bike for those riders lots to carry. The integrated shelf alone is capable of carting up to 330 pounds, which is more than ideal for camping trips, work commutes or child carrier trailers.

The TRCKER 100 releases June 30th in black or gray and retails for $1399 on Amazon.com.

From the oraimo Electric Bike Series

Oraimo also provides three additional electric bikes that are available now for other specific needs. The SCRAMBLER 100 is a 750-watt folding electric bike that is great for a wide range of users, young and mature. The ability to fold makes this electric bike great for both commuting or for relaxing outdoors. The SCRAMBLER 100 retails for $849.99. The MONSTER 100 is a 350-watt electric mountain bike that’s great for mountaineers, retailing for $599.99. Finally, the SCIITI 100, which is the commuter designed electric bike, supplies 350 watts of power for travel in the city. The SCIITI retails for $699.99. oraimo is offering viewers a limited code for 5% off their purchase by going to the Amazon store, searching for oraimo, and using the code “oraimoebike” at purchase. 

All oraimo bikes come with a 1-year standard warranty plus a 1-year extended warranty on the official website.

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