Salsa Cycles releases electric gravel and mountain bikes to “Charge Your Adventure”

Salsa Cycles releases electric gravel and mountain bikes

Salsa Cycles, manufacturer of gravel and mountain bikes such as the Cutthroat, Warbird and Blackthorn, has launched a new ebike collection.

Focusing on lightweight and versatile options, the new ebike collection looks like a Salsa and rides like a Salsa and features best-in-class drive systems and modern geometry. The goal of this new ebike collection is for new and experienced riders to have the ability to explore more gravel and singletrack trails while being able to stay out on adventures longer than ever before. See the new collection in action in the brand video here.  

“These ebikes truly fit into the Salsa line so well. As the Salsa team began working on ebikes, we recognized the opportunity to leverage the power of E to the fullest. What we ended up creating is a highly capable gravel and mountain ebike collection that offers incredible value to the rider. We believe Salsa electric bikes are all about more per hour: more miles, more experiences and more fun,” said Salsa Category Manager, Joe Meiser. “Giving riders the ability to leave no free afternoon, no second trail lap or no scenic gravel road unridden. With intentional  design and our proven adventure-ready features, you’ll do more by bike than you ever thought possible. That’s the power of Adventure by Bike.”

The Salsa eGravel collection features two adventure ready models for all gravel riders. This collection is accessible for new riders looking for new challenges or experienced riders who want more from their rides. The new eGravel collection will be available in March at local speciality retailers.

The Confluence, which is available now, is designed for cyclists that want a little more adventure each day. Made to explore gravel roads, be comfortable on mixed surface rides or bikepacking excursions. This eGravel bike features a light 6061-T6 aluminum frame and carbon fork, and runs on MAHLE’s X35+ Class 1 hub-drive system with a 40Nm motor and 250Wh MAHLE i250 Inner Tube internal battery. With flat-bar and drop-bar models and mounts for a full range of accessories, the Confluence is versatile and ready for any kind of gravel ride. Also designed with an inclusive fit with low standover that accommodates a wider range of bodies, abilities and fit preferences. With four different models the Confluence starts at $2,499.

The second eGravel bike in the line-up is the Tributary which will be available March 5. This capable eGravel bike is built for rough double track roads and deep adventures. It features a progressive geometry and is built around short stems and wide drop bars that are paired with massive tire clearance that complements the Class 3, 28mph capable, eBike. The Tributary is built around Bosch’s Performance Line Speed, Class 3, mid-drive system, delivering 85Nm of torque and a 625Wh Bosch PowerTube 625 battery.  The Tributary has the ability to accessorize with racks and bags, load up and get out.  There are two models in the line, with and without front suspension, starting at $5,499.

“These are eGravel bikes that only Salsa would make. They really unlock adventure in a whole new way — encouraging you to take the indirect route, get creative, and find out what’s on the other side of the mountain,” said Salsa Product Manager, Michael Groskreutz.

The new Salsa eMTB collection leverages Salsa’s experience with Split Pivot and a design and engineering practice that leverages it to the fullest.  The eMTBs give riders more opportunity to self-shuttle ambitious climbs, session more lines and ride lap after lap, maintaining flow. The eMTBs have all the features mountain bike riders have come to expect, like on-bike cargo.  What sets them apart is multiple travel options in one platform and progressive geometry that is complemented by intuitive and thoughtfully executed electric assist.  A light trail and a full power Enduro eMTB will be debuting this coming April, specific specs are embargoed until their release to retailers.

The Moraine is a light assist trail bike with progressive trail geometry, versatile Split Pivot suspension and on-bike storage. Made for an all around mountain bike platform that feels just-right on many trails, from backcountry to black-diamond. Moraine offers two models and starts at $4,999.

The Notch is an electric enduro bike with geometry poised for stability at speed, efficient Split Pivot suspension and on-bike storage. Versatile enough to roam far on rowdy terrain or battle between the tape in an eMTB enduro event. Notch is the most capable eMTB in the industry with two models starting at $4,999.

“Elevating on our existing Split Pivot design philosophy, we set out to build the most capable eMTBs possible,” said Ethan Frey, Product Manager.  “We’ve spent hours designing, riding, iterating, and testing them, and we couldn’t be more excited to see them out in the world. We believe these bikes are Adventure by Bike to their core; they inspire, enhance, and thrive on adventure.”

Salsa is committed to growing their ebike collection and will be releasing additional models in the coming seasons.

Salsa will have each of these ebike platforms available for demo at this year’s Sea Otter Classic, April 18–21, 2024 in Monterey, California.

Salsa Cycles are sold exclusively in specialty retailers. Find a store near you here. For more on Salsa please visit or follow along on social media on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and X.

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