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Unsure about adult tricycles? Here’s why you should invest

The benefits of staying active and enjoying time outside are limitless. But what combines the outdoors with the convenience of getting around? It’s time to explore the power of tricycles.

James Walker, CEO of Jorvik Tricycles, has built over 30,000 tricycles at his showroom based in York. He says tricycles offer stability, comfort and the ability to carry your shopping home. Here’s why it’s time to invest – according to the experts. 

Explore the great outdoors

Tricycles are a great way to maintain freedom and enjoy fantastic scenery, meaning it’s possible to explore new routes and landscapes across the UK that may have been too remote or busy for you to consider. But not only that: tricycles are perfect for city centres and rural settings.

James says: “Mountain trikes give you the confidence to ride off the beaten track. With easy to use controls and a powerful electric motor, the thrill of adventure is more accessible than ever.

“We also manufacture tricycles for everyday use for people who want an alternative to walking or driving, or who have lost confidence on a traditional bike.  The possibilities are endless, and what we love to see is how our products really open up the world for our customers.”

Tricycles are also ideal for anyone that struggles with balance, coordination or has a mobility limiting disability or health condition. In the 2021 Disability & Cycling Survey, nearly two thirds of respondents said cycling is easier than walking.

The survey also revealed that cycling provides an efficient, pain-free option that allows respondents to travel much further and more independently than on foot, as well as enjoying the health benefits that come with exercising and being outdoors.

A tricycle is an even more stable option than cycling, and provides those who are unsure about adapting to cycling a comfortable option, putting their mind at ease that it’s not possible to fall from.

The eco-factor

If you want to put your bike to work, packing up for a day out or even commuting to the office, a tricycle offers ample storage space for anything you might need. Tricycles are a stable, well balanced and easy way to get around without using a car.  

According to research, substituting a bike or trike over a petrol vehicle just once a day reduces the average person’s carbon emissions by 67 percent, but if saving the planet isn’t enough to turn your head, tricycles are also a great investment compared to other vehicles – with lower maintenance costs than cars and no stark fuel prices to contend with, you’ll save a lot of money, spending around 15p for 35 miles of charge.

Take your time with an electric tricycle

Electric tricycles offer all the benefits of cycling with an extra helping hand that can whisk you along effortlessly if and when you need it. 

Ride further for longer and improve your fitness at a pace that suits you without fear of losing your balance. An electric option is the perfect way to enjoy an eco-friendly boost – it’s time to push your limits and enjoy even longer outside!

Having steadily risen in popularity before the pandemic, e-bike sales over the last few years have rocketed across Europe, with the COVID-19 influencing changes in travel behaviour.

Many European countries have seen sales growth of between 30 and 40 percent, compared to single-digit growth in car sales. Industry experts have predicted that this growth will continue and the UK has also witnessed this upward trend.

James adds: “Electric tricycles are a great option for people who want to enjoy hours of effortless riding. You can travel up to 35 miles on one of our e-tricycles, without needing to charge the battery. 

“Honestly, the possibilities are endless. E-tricycles are perfect no matter what your mission! If you’re looking to explore your city, going traveling across the UK, camping, or just popping to the shops but you need a boost up a tricky hill – they’re a great option.”

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