Parcours and Classified launch the world's first powershift enabled disc wheel

Parcours and Classified launch the world’s first powershift enabled disc wheel

Alongside Classified, Parcours announced the world’s first Powershift-ready disc wheel. This cutting-edge wheel and drivetrain configuration sets a new standard in triathlon performance and has already been proven by athletes on the world stage.

Combining class leading aerodynamics from Parcours Disc² together with Classified’s innovative Powershift technology has resulted in the most efficient triathlon setup ever engineered. 

Taking our #thinkwider aero technology from the Disc² combined with Classified’s Powershift Technology, this gives athletes the most efficient setup possible. Therefore, allowing them to conserve energy, maintain aerodynamic benefits, and ride more comfortably over longer distances.

The Parcours Disc², combined with the Powershift hub, has already been proven at the highest level of racing by world leading athletes, Ruth Astle and Kyle Smith. First raced at the PTO European Open and World Long Distance Triathlon Championships in Ibiza, both Smith and Astle produced outstanding bike legs. Smith led off the bike ahead of a world-class field containing multiple Olympic gold medallists and Ironman world champions, including Kristian Blummenfelt, Jan Frodeno & Alastair Brownlee. Smith was running the Parcours Powershift enabled Disc² coupled with the Parcours 83mm Chrono Max front wheel. Astle then set the fastest bike split on a rolling course, pairing the Parcours Powershift enabled Disc² and the Parcours 68mm Chrono front wheel. Both performances highlight the efficiency gains of the partnership and set a new bar in triathlon performance. 

The Parcours Disc² enables athletes to ride a faster, smoother, and more stable wheel setup. The Disc² is designed from the ground up to be fitted with a 28-30mm tyre and a 22.5mm internal rim width makes this the widest disc wheel currently available. When combined with a wider tubeless tyre at a lower pressure, the Disc² allows an athlete to minimise the physiological toll of racing, staying fresher and less fatigued for longer. Parcours testing, carried out in partnership with Nottingham Trent University Sports Engineering department, has also shown that running a rear disc wheel has a material impact on overall handling stability. 

Known as the “front derailleur killer”, Classified’s Powershift Technology has already changed the game in the road, gravel and MTB sectors, further increasing the efficiency of the drivetrain in a number of ways.

The efficiency gains of Powershift Technology mean that athletes can benefit from improved aerodynamics due to the removal of the front derailleur and 45% lower chain forces due to larger chainrings and sprockets. In addition to this, the athlete has the ability to always maintain the optimum cadence due to the wider range of gears afforded by the 2 speed wireless hub. 

Classified’s internal hub gear allows the rider to instantaneously switch between a 1:1 and a ‘reduction’ gear (the virtual inner ring) with the touch of a button. The reduction gear has a ratio of 0.686, so with a single 53t-chainring up front, the rider has access to a virtual 36t-chainring. A 50t-chainring would yield a 34t-chainring equivalent when the hub’s reduction gear is used.

Classified’s Powershift hub combines the efficiency gains of the increasingly popular 1x set up with the optimal gearing range of the traditional 2x set, providing the athlete the best of both worlds. Enjoying the uncompromised benefits of 1x, with a wider gear range and small gear steps between gears, removes the need for the athlete to compromise on race day.

The Parcours Disc² can be bought Classified enabled for £1,099 / $1,449 / €1,429.

Classified’s Powershift Technology is available to buy now from certified Classified dealers. The Powershift hub set for partner wheels retails at €1,299.

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